Suggestion Box

I get frustrated with all the junk mail I receive. Supposedly, every solicitation you receive has some kind of way to stop “opt-out”. I searched on this piece of mail and finally found it. In very small text, under the coupon was the text you see in the photo “To remove your name from these mailings, please fax a copy of this panel to …”

This text seemed ridiculous to me. Who on earth has a fax machine?

I posted a comment on the Facebook wall of the company stating my complaint. I received a response to my comment within a few hours. I was surprised at how quickly I received a response and also a helpful solution. Coincidentally, just a few days later, I was talking with a friend who stated they would like to see more suggestion boxes evey where. He was partially kidding, but also seriously wanted the places he made purcahses from and the politicians who represented his community to provide him with a way to tell them how he felt about their service and/or products.

My story with the mail solicitation is a good example of how companies are using social media as a suggestion box. This is a good use of social media. Yes, you want to get clients and sell your product, but in the end, the organizations that benefit the most from social media, use it more so as a way to increase customer loyalty and satisfaction and less as a way to sell their products.