What are these QR things?

QR codeA QR code, like the one above, is an image you can scan with a smart phone in order to reach a website. Instead of writing “visit our website at lk-gd.com to learn more”, you can place a QR code. If your website is something short and simple, like google.com, then you might want to type out your URL instead of using a QR code. When you want to use a QR code is for a URL that is really long or to get someone to take immediate action. For example, if you have a poster and on there is a coupon for a free item. The page on your website for this free item might be something like “lk-gd.com/freeitem”. Instead of writing this long website URL on your poster and expecting someone to stand there and type it in their phone or remember it when they get home is highly unlikely. However, if you have a QR code on there, in just a few seconds someone can turn on their phone, open the QR reader app and scan the code. In seconds the website for the free offer is on the phone. It’s quick and easy and encourages people to take immediate action.

How to make a QR code:

Make a QR code is easy. Do a general Google search for a QR code generator. There’s a bunch out there that are free and I’d rather not endorse one over the other. You give the generator the URL you want a code for and it will give you the image. Bring the file into Illustrator and make sure the file is a vector format. Your code doesn’t have to be black and white but make sure they’re colors that are a high contrast. Test the code by installing the QRReader app on a smartphone. Scan the QR code with your phone to make sure it can be read and the URL is correct.

Some tips:

• Don’t make your QR code smaller than .5″.

• Test the QR code before printing.

• Give QR codes at least 1″ of space between each other to make sure each individual code can be read.

• Do something fun with it! Having a QR code is usually not enough to make someone want to scan it. The photo above is of a QR code on the doorway of a record shop. I’ve also seen them on business cards, giving away free items, framed with fun drawings and in different colors.

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